söndag 29 augusti 2010

The Art of God of War III

A bit info about GOW gallery
Join us with some of the amazingly talented artists who worked on the God of War III video game for the Playstation III at Gnomon Gallery for the opening reception.

Showcasing the dark brutal world of ancient Greece, this exhibit features the imaginative concept paintings and impressive 3D assets created for the hit Playstation 3 video game, God of War III, and provides an opportunity to meet the artists that make the world of Kr...

The Art of God of War III
Saturday, May 29th
7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

This is something I would definetly go, but only in my dreams:( I wanna go, especially I want to meet Andy Park one of my favourite concept artist.

lördag 21 augusti 2010


Ok anyway I did today a progress of a mattepaint, I can explain a bit how I did.
1. First I painted a rough sketch and put some basic color in it. I usually do this first to get a view and an idea of how the result would be in the end.
2.Now when I get an idea of the mood I start to search over some photos (digging up some photos from my library) and refix the light and shadow and color of photos. It is really important to fix the view and size of the photos to fit with the environment. Ok I added some dummies the details will be last now focus on the rough first.
3.Ok now for the details, I mixed with some buildings from 3dtotal and my own and did some paintover to them. Now for the details and details and details I added two layers that balance the mood of the whole paint. Now I am pretty happy with it, hope you learnt something:)

lördag 14 augusti 2010

Starting a new project now

After some paints I start to get some idea from the paintings and I wanna do one more chinese environment in 3d. This one is going to be lots of dirt dirt and dirt. It will going to have a day light and warm sun. Im not sure if it will going to be sci fi or steam punk. I need to watch some anime movies and some games to get some inspiration from them. And want to learn some advance lighting from UDK, they have some awesome light features that I wanna use. All is planned and now I am doing a schedule.
This is going to be fun:=)


onsdag 11 augusti 2010

Yep yep more and more

I have noticed my painting skills sux LOOOL!!!
I have set up a line at least one paint per day should be enough.
I need some variation starting to get bored of painting enviros tomorrow will be vehicle, maybe an aircraft or tank. Yea I am going to buy a cheap guitar tomorrow so I have something to do at home.

tisdag 10 augusti 2010

Practise practise and practise

Hello again, I havent painted for a while started my internship at Helsinki.
But now when all things has setup here I can now begin to paint some random stuff to keep the same quality as before. I need to start with some life drawing so my art brain will start to work again. I am not used to use my laptop but anyway here is my first paint using my laptop and more to come^^

lördag 7 augusti 2010

At Helsinki

I picture of my current workstation at home when I am not at work. I doodle some ideas and stuff to my next own project for the second portfolio. Outside are very loud of all those cars,people walking around, bus and railway trains, basically it is 5min by walk from the centre of Helsinki. I couldnt work today cause my apartment was 30 degrees I couldnt focus of what I wanted to concept. I hope tomorrow will be better.

onsdag 4 augusti 2010

In Helsinki doing my internship now

Well well well, It is pretty good actually now. I have been in Helsinki now for 6 days and 6,5 months left. I started to like Helsinki and the game company I am doing my internship in. But one thing I will always miss is Maya and Sweden. And I cannot forget it but I have Maya 2011 in my laptop but dont have time to use while I have to learn to use Blender within a week. So sorry no art today, I left my wacom at the my workstation
at the office. But soon I will take it home so I can start to paint and do my own projects besides.