lördag 26 juni 2010

Ahhh some vacation wouldnt hurt a bit.

I am now relaxing and enjoying the sun outside my house in earth.
I should take it really cool right now and trying to enjoy and not over thinking
the possibility on what I should paint next day. Never bring work to your vacation as my teacher taught me. I had really fun with friends and just hanging out that I havent done for half year now, I deserve my reward. I will be away a couple of weeks now, since I have my summer holiday and still thinking of my speedpaints and Maya but I need some rest for now. I´ll be back soon, I promise that. Glad midsommar!

torsdag 17 juni 2010

Never give up

I think most of the students at my class are really happy they have now internship at other studios. For me is just a beginning into the real thing, it sounds almost fake for what I am saying. But to be real I am really serious about having the best quality of my work. My first trip is to gain experience, I am planning to work hard as much as I did at school and also I am planning to create a new portfolio while I am doing internship. I am not an artist I want to stay and work my whole life in the same studio, I want to evolve and become something I havent achieved before in my life since WOW almost destroyed my life and I am trying rebuild what I have lost.

tisdag 15 juni 2010

Seems more relevant

Hello, I have tried looking after apartments in Uppsala it is mega difficult to find it. England have decided to say no, I havent showned enough strong presentation about myself. If I cant find any apartments in Uppsala it would be Finland. Both are good and I cant say no to both of them it have to be only one. My last chance is a guy he said he can share a room but he have decide it before 4pm today. If he aint want to then it will be in Finland. Wish me Luck!

fredag 4 juni 2010


Holy shit it is so nice weather outside, people are insane in Sweden I thought the english people were sick but here are the same. I mean that the sun has been around few days people start to dress lightly and go out even it is only 15 degree in the shadows. I do better go later and have an ice cream at the beach I dont like the sun because I get freckles if going around in the sun. Well I better start to paint something to keep my skills in default. Here is a progress!