söndag 28 december 2008

War Has Begun

Simply I painted on the pic. First step I removed the lamps and people. Later I added some dirt and graffitti on the wall. I put few texture layers on the ground.
I put some overlay lighting on the whole scene. I pasted some people in the scene and there you go the final result.

onsdag 26 november 2008

Dark Knight

speedpaint 45min

fredag 21 november 2008


2h and 30min work. I painted this using a ref ofc.
Gotta sleep zzz

fredag 14 november 2008

Rider-Part 4

When Im satisfied with all color I begin to add the details (his blade), shadow, and lighting. And last more details and textures. Just for showing it is a hardcore Rider. I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial! :)Cya!

Rider-Part 3

Now when Im done with the coloring.I colored the background so I could get an idea on where the light source is coming from. Still, it is just a rough background. Sorry I forgot to say thatI always have two layers when I work. 1. BG Layer 2. Color Layer.Afterwords the other few layers is for render and details.

Rider-Part 2

Now I do a rough paint just to see what it is. No worry about how ugly it is at the beginning but just aim on coloring. And I mean color, not the details. The details come last.

Rider-Part 1

Here I show a process of a quick rider sketch. When I paint characters I usually sketch first a silhuett of the figure. To see how it will look like in further work.