fredag 30 januari 2009

Quite relief...

My first lowpoly weapon. 1500 polys, with normalmap and colormap. Week one is clear! Next week is lowpoly I wonder what it is. Kinda excited.

onsdag 28 januari 2009

Busy busy...

I thought it is going to be easy to model a weapon and textur all that stuff. But It took hell out of time today. Tomorrow I will continue textur the final sheet. Deadline is Friday, I hope Ill be finish. Wish me luck!
Oh this is my high poly. Im going to normal map this thing into a low poly tmrw.

fredag 23 januari 2009

Tutorial- mattepaint a asia temple chapter 5

Now I studied well of where the lights should bounce. And there is only two big lightsource. The lights from the windows and the lights from the fountain. This time I use most of the dodge tool. Copy an extra layer of the background color just in case if something mess up so u have a backup. Now I dodged those places were the light should bounce on. The floor is made of stone so it should reflect more light than the other materials. I dodged the front floor almost white. And I put a little bit more shadows on the small places. The roof top I wanted some glow stuff so it should not look too stiff. I painted some red and used dodge again. And here u go, I think I am satisfied with this work so leave it this way. I hope you enjoyed and sorry for my english it sux!:P

Tutorial- mattepaint a asia temple chapter 4

I added some lamps on the top roof. But it looks too much red on the scene. It kinda mix too much light coming from the fountain and the windows. So I deleted the lamps. Too much different lights kinda bring up the contrast color too much and thats not good. And I dont want a barbie scene.

Tutorial- Mattepaint a asia temple chapter 3

Now I have pasted loads of pictures. And did some overlays on them. I also added some chinese signs on the walls, just for showing it is a chinese temple. The roof is an overlay. And another layer opacity is 50%. I use the dodge tool for adding a little bit highlights to the snake texture.
And then I found a good picture of a lion statue, duplicate them and mirror to put them in places. The fountain behind the small house is going to shine to show it is holy water.
The floor I found it from a Indie temple. I added a big dragon and put some highlights and shadows to fit with the floor. Now the scene is almost done, now for the lightsource and details.

Tutorial- Mattepaint a asia temple chapter 2

I deleted also the front scene and I found a perfect picture and pasted into the front scene. I also added some dragon statues and some other small objects just for decorate it. Still the scene looks european. We continue to add more objects into the scene. I added some shadows to the scene for more looking frightning and cold atmosphere. More clean up on the scene. Next I want to add something shining on the roof. And floor. The lighting comes last and the small details like humans, flies, dirt.

Tutorial- Mattepaint a asia temple chapter 1

My first tutorial on how to do a mattepaint. First you need to have picture in your head how it is going to look. You need to plan ahead what persp,view, color and so on. I already have a picture in my head. I found a good perspective picture and it is going to be an interior temple. Some kind of fighting the last boss in the game. The space of the environment should be very wide and big. Now I deleted the whole floor because I wanted to add another floor something special. Dont worry about the rest of the scene. Just delete those places you want to replace with. For example a statue or any object.

tisdag 20 januari 2009

Yes! 2 more mattepaintings

Oh man! I painted some pics today. And I think I need to speed up a little bit on my work. This is some concept art to a 2d game. It has no name yet. But I need to think what I need to paint other things than outside. BAAAH! Im talking crap now.

måndag 12 januari 2009


After school I did something sci fi character. I didnt knew what I should paint. But something future half human and robot. 2h work.

fredag 9 januari 2009

Dark Knight

speedpaint 45min^^