fredag 29 maj 2009

Another day is gone

Hey I need to get motivated on stuff at school. Things are getting tight now until summer vacation started to get closer now. So there things I need to finish as soon as possible. But I am taking my day off today. So here is a speedpaint I did for 30min. I am going home now!

torsdag 28 maj 2009

Stop using custom brushes

I have stopped using my lovely custom brushes because I want to become more pro on paint.

From now on I will only use round brush and soft brush.

Here are some paints I have only used these two brushes.

onsdag 27 maj 2009


After my workstation died I havent worked for a while maybe two weeks now. But now I got a new workstation at school but it has not the same equipment like the other one but same software and everything. I felt that I have to restart all my skills from zero. If u have seen heroes when u know what I mean. To evolve as an artist I have to skip my custom brushes and use another technique to work my way up. This might be the last one of using custom.

torsdag 14 maj 2009

Color studies

Hmm, well I soon find out the perspective over the colors I am working with. That was good our teacher taught us the palette concept. It seems that I need to study more on what color it is on objects and stuff to show how real it is. Well I need to practise a lot through my eyes and how the colors bounce through objects when the sunshine hit them. I feel that soon I am becoming more like an artist hehe. But it takes time to get there.

fredag 8 maj 2009


First try, creating a tutorial in vid.

Hey, I tried to create a good quality tutorial video. And just testing the camstudio software. It works good. My teach helped me with some modifications. First rendering of the video was 21gb big LOL! So I managed to crank it down to 60mb.
I will post up the video link of speedpaint tutorial as soon as youtube is finished with the upload.

fredag 1 maj 2009

Final one

Here is the final result of city of sunset. The top buildings are way far from our eyes so we cant see them in sharp shapes. I tried to give a warm feeling. When watching a sun going down over the city is beautiful.