fredag 26 juni 2009


A lesson from school, painting skin. This took approx 5h

One of my first paint, painting a naked woman. I am not used to paint humans but this is a good exercise. I am painting right now an angel I will get finished next week.

Starting to get hot into painting females:D

I know that I focus on env and mech but this is also quite useful and good exercise of painting statues, females, skins all that stuff. And I usally hate soft brush but I love using it when it comes to skin. But sometimes I found out it is quite dangerous to use it too much. It become ugly so switching between soft and round I pretty get very far with it.

tisdag 16 juni 2009

Always horny if I am not painting over 2 days

Sorry but it is a drug for me. When I dont paint more than 2-3 days I will get crazy even though I suck sometimes. But one thing I know is the more a paint the more I get better. So I am on a good way now. And I dont give a shit if my paint gets too corny or sux. I hate to finish half and finish the rest. I like more finish the whole set before I go to another. So here is a finish speedpaint. Doesnt matter what theme it is I just wanted to paint thats all.

onsdag 3 juni 2009

How far can I go...

This time I spend some few more hours to refine the pic. Actually the first hours was quite fun but after 3hours I started to get very bored of painting the same paint. And after that I started to see a lot of fails of the picture so I tried to refined it but got just worse. Now I know how boring it is to paint all the day on the same pic. But it is just something I have to ignore it and I think about it as an exercise and color study. Right now I am studying at Dylan Cole tutorials they are awesome!

måndag 1 juni 2009

Exercise more

I tested some paintover a picture I took for 2 years ago when I were in HK.