lördag 29 maj 2010


LOL I was really bored today, and tired so I saw this in youtube. This guy did a brilliant job, I liked the hillarious movie. I should share this to everybody, cool movie though.

onsdag 26 maj 2010

I dumped two companies

I got two internships, one is snowcastleco and one is imaginationstudio. I dumped the other two because they didnt fit into my type of interest. When I have so much of choices then I had to choose which of them would fit to ´my goals. But these are not my first prio, my first is codemaster, because I know that if my first internship are from a big company and also in England would fit really good in my cv. Even though if I am not good enough I will always have a ref I have worked at codemasters. It will be a very good start for me, and I will be much better than I am today. Wow I cant wait I am going to England tmrw and on friday meet them face to face. I am really looking forward to it. Wish me Luck! Bye!

torsdag 20 maj 2010

More interview is coming

I got one more interview from Imagination Studio they want me to have a phone call interview next tuesday. I have no idea why they want me in, since they have done loads of animated stuff. I hope they checked the right portfolio I have no animation in it anyway, only environment stuff. Well who knows? Anyway enjoy my random paint.

söndag 16 maj 2010

Issue or Tissue?

Now I found out a problem with moving to Norway is the money. I dont have a chance by living by myself and paying both the rent and food. I will cost me more than 6000kr per month, I dont have that kind of money yet. There is only one last chance is to ask people around if I could live the same house as they and pay half the rent I might would live. Or I could stay at a friends house but a half year is quite a lot and they are too friendly but let me hope if I get more other internship opportunities. Oh Here is a random Ironman Paint enjoy!

onsdag 12 maj 2010

There are 2 companies now who want me

Now there are 2 companies who desperately want me, one of them is Oslo and Gothenburg. Oslo they said I didnt need to come for interview they want me to do internship right after my education ends. And Gbg they want me for an interview. I am more into Oslo because the salary is quite hot. But I will stay tune, Oslo can be my last chance if I cant find any other companies outland. My goal is to come into codemasters or Helsinki. I havent send mail to Ubisoft yet, because their contact sux. I need to find it before its too late.

måndag 10 maj 2010

I got one interview so far lol...

I am still searching after an internship, I have got some answers from some. This time is going quite well, better than last time. But yeah, I got one interview from a small game company in Oslo they are interested and wanted to meet me. The date is not require yet, but I am waiting for the details. Well I need to continue to send some mail now. Better go!