torsdag 31 maj 2012

Recently my laptop crashed, and I was lucky to move my files before hdd crashed. My friend helped me to add a new hdd and also upgraded with moar memoriez! Now I can work from 6k-10k px with no probz. I got permission to post this pic up, which I am working on their upcoming play4free game "Deadland Diaries" Here is their website, I am looking forward working with them.

fredag 18 maj 2012

ipad sketch megatron tutorial

I am showing this to ya all a simple way to sketch step by step on ipad or for ps. This is good exercise for your brain. Very very useful for future work or whatever you want to use it for.
1.At first I usually start with a rough sketch, just to see where the eyes and mouth etc are. It is like painting a portrait but painting megatrons face, which he got a rough car face, to think of that it will make your workflow easier.
2.Second! Is I am now adding some rough colors, forget the details. The rough part needs to add in first. Get the fundemental first, it is very important or your sketch will end up weird. Your eyes is your only judge, and us of course :D
3.After I am quite happy with the rough part I start to adding some rough light and shadows and some rough details. (This is not the final render yet)
4.And now after the rough part is done, start to adding details. Although I dont even need to spend lots of time for details because from zooming out you can see it is already done. The best to see if the paint is done is to zoom out, sometimes when we work in small details we forget the whole picture is the most important. Details is the last, always remember that. Just a tip for you guys ;) Oh well I hope you learnt something! This is a very quick tutorial/sketch which fits to all. And remember don't forget to practise and practise. Have fun sketching! PS Big thanks to Blackpawn for this wonderful app :)

måndag 14 maj 2012

onsdag 2 maj 2012