torsdag 26 februari 2009

Damn work!

Another failure, but I need to be better. This one I focused too much on details. Speedpaint is just focusing on colors and shapes in standard quality.

onsdag 25 februari 2009

My painting has finally improved

Finally I use a different style of doing speedpaints and it works very good so far.

I always paint before an unique style but I never had improved alot even I studied the color and the shape. But now I can finally move on.

fredag 20 februari 2009

Next target the earth

Another speedpaint. Leventeps style helped alot.

Hidden Infernal

Hahaha I tried the leventep tutorial. And his is difficult to follow. Here is one speedpaint 40min

onsdag 18 februari 2009

Been Lazy I think

I must keep going. There is no lazy time to relax in the artist world hehe. So I did a quick speedpaint today. My workmate didnt want me to do other things. But I had to finish my work. Well we are only humans so we cant to all things at the same time.

måndag 16 februari 2009

Another homework

Sooo bored of this project environment. Am I happy? Hmm I am happy because I am done with it so far. We all did the same s*t at school. The purpose was to create an environment as real as the original reference. Here is the original picture.

The one with blue background I did it if you dont know which I did. Yea you might say some of the windows arent the same as the picture. Because I hated those windows so much that I added my own windows instead. It looks much better though.

tisdag 3 februari 2009

Another lowpoly thing

Wow I did this on one day!