måndag 30 mars 2009

Maya rigg is my worst enemy

DAMMIT!!! I hate the set driven key window. I saw hundred of tutorials of how to set driven key. And still I dont understand it yet. And deadline is having a done character rigg. Fuck!
I will never understand that shit and no one at class wanted to help me explain. I feel like I want to kill everyone at class right now.

fredag 27 mars 2009

Going home!

I did the last mattepaint of the game project today. And I was really disappointed of my work today. I couldnt get that picture that I wanted to create. So here is the result.

onsdag 25 mars 2009

Rush day today!

Man the time goes so fast. But our first level design is complete and it needed to fix a little bit more. But I will do it tomorrow. I have only concept some few characters, weapons and our level.

More to come next day and the deadline is tomorrow after lunch. I need to spank one of our mates cause they has become lazy.

tisdag 24 mars 2009

Hardcore speedpaints

Our deadlines is on Thursday and all the concepts should be completed.

I am the lead artist and I am making sure everyone in group are working hard. No slackers or they get punished hehe. I dont even have time to relax now.

fredag 20 mars 2009

Last day of the week

Its time to take a break over the weekend. The last work I did was this.

Time to go home and play some guitar:D

Painting concepts!

This will only last couple of days but it is so fun. We have one, in my group sketching some

concepts then he give it to me so I can finish the last. It will be fun!

torsdag 5 mars 2009

24hours at school

I am still at school and working my ass off. I have only slept one hour and I need some rest soon.

Why I worked so much? Yea we had an object we should finish. Well the deadline were today

but I manage to finish it 80% the 20% was the occlusion I had problem with. I skipped it, because it was so hard. I couldnt find any clues and solutions to it. Darn I am so freaked, I hope that teacher Rico wouldnt give me minus pts just cause I missed the occlusion map. If he do I will kick his ass for sure. Nah just kidding, but If I would:D. Now back to work...