måndag 31 augusti 2009

Train station

persp studies

fredag 28 augusti 2009

Study more on persp view

I might study more about persp view. People says it is easy to do a persp paint but I dont really understand the foundation yet. How do they draw it so sharp and exactly? Thats what I need to find out.

torsdag 27 augusti 2009

Am I becoming better or worse?

Simply the result of me is lazy. Ive been lazy quite long time since I dont have anything to do. But the school starts not until next week, I have to keep my painting skill warm so I could have a good start. I do better get going now.

måndag 17 augusti 2009

Some simple color

Some study of black and white and added last touch a random color to each paint.

fredag 14 augusti 2009

Old school thing

I think I never posted this last project I did before summer starts.

This was an upgrade to an old character I did for a long time ago. Hillarious but fun to do.

torsdag 13 augusti 2009

Concept guy behind Transformers 2

I wanted to share something I randomly fell right into his website. His name is Josh Nizzi this guy knows how to concept robots, especially transformers. He has done a tutorial training dvd from gnomon how to concept robots. Check out his website! http://www.joshnizzi.com/

tisdag 11 augusti 2009

I need ideas and inspiration

What the heck am I doing now? I cant find any ideas of painting environments all I have in my mind is Team Fortress 2. That game is ruin my life almost. After my vacation I started to play a lot with my cousin. I felt that I am back to the rabbit hole again. I need some inspiration from somewhere. An good idea is go out to downtown and check stuff it usually lose a bit of thinking instead of TF2. I need to read something too or watch a movie. It didnt help when I am playing TF2 I need to lose a bit. Here is a crappy paint I did not have any idea anymore.

fredag 7 augusti 2009

It is time to get discipline again

Its been a while posting my work since I have been in vacation, and after that it was hard to get back to were I ended. Well I need to slap my face hundred of times until I am happy with what I am doing now. Here is a new beginning of my work and I will continue paint as *****. Wish me luck!