onsdag 29 april 2009

Second one

Hmm, well what do I need more now? I am finish with the rough paint. Now I am going to add some rough details. Oh I see some parts that I need to paint some lights on. Ok I need to continue before I end the school today.

tisdag 28 april 2009

Remaking background to shoot em up game

I am just curious on what the result would be. I am so fucked up with the paint right now. I have to try another style of painting and I am painting in 3000px to 5000px. My comp lagg sometimes but it works anyway. First day and the rough paint is complete, now into refine the rough paint tomorrow. I need some rest now bye!

torsdag 23 april 2009

Bad bad students at my class

Why are ppl so lazy in Sweden? I mean what is most important? Your friends or your future? Man I hate ppl thinks they will be just fine. NO! You have to work hard to gain what you earn. Hard work comes to good result! I aint sitting down and relax and say everything is fine and take a coffee break. There is no coffee break when it comes to creating gamegraphic in the business. So here am I now sitting at school besides with my classmate while everyone is gone today. I hate lazy ppl. I animate a clip which is undone and loads of shit is incompleted. Why I am sitting here is because there is no help and ppl just ignore. Why`? Maybe I am a bad person or I am just a chinese. Where is teamwork guys? U fucking assholes are like kids imagine how you idiots are going to a real game company. How will you behave? Oh noo that man over there with the glasses pointed at me and he hates me. I am going to sue him or ignore him? What a fuck! Grown up this is the real world and take this as a man do. There is no mr nice guy at work, you have to deal with it. Dont be a pussy!

onsdag 15 april 2009

GCC in Karlshamn

yoyoyo, why am I not happy every time I paint something I manage to do some overkill.
I am now sitting at SOFE in Karlshamn. Me and 4 other classmates went from Malmö TGA to Karlshamn to compete with other students on game concept and some other challenges.
First price is a PS3 but I think I am not going to win anyway. But it is good experience and some effort to earn it. Some other Game Companies will be here tomorrow include our teacher.

onsdag 8 april 2009

Some relief

I felt a little bit lighter now. Man I just thought about doing some paints and I never had the chance to do it since the school took all the time. But now I am done with the rigging I could paint some quick paint. Here u go!


tisdag 7 april 2009

Things get lighter

Now I got 100% help from my classmates and teacher I can finally continue my work as a lead artist. But still I dont have enough freetime to do some speedpaints. Being a lead is hard and frustrating but sooner it will pass and it become more sharper and better. Well I have to paint something tomorrow, cause I am hungry after speedpaints well I usually paint one speedpaint each per day. Now I dont have time:(