torsdag 23 april 2009

Bad bad students at my class

Why are ppl so lazy in Sweden? I mean what is most important? Your friends or your future? Man I hate ppl thinks they will be just fine. NO! You have to work hard to gain what you earn. Hard work comes to good result! I aint sitting down and relax and say everything is fine and take a coffee break. There is no coffee break when it comes to creating gamegraphic in the business. So here am I now sitting at school besides with my classmate while everyone is gone today. I hate lazy ppl. I animate a clip which is undone and loads of shit is incompleted. Why I am sitting here is because there is no help and ppl just ignore. Why`? Maybe I am a bad person or I am just a chinese. Where is teamwork guys? U fucking assholes are like kids imagine how you idiots are going to a real game company. How will you behave? Oh noo that man over there with the glasses pointed at me and he hates me. I am going to sue him or ignore him? What a fuck! Grown up this is the real world and take this as a man do. There is no mr nice guy at work, you have to deal with it. Dont be a pussy!

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