fredag 23 januari 2009

Tutorial- mattepaint a asia temple chapter 5

Now I studied well of where the lights should bounce. And there is only two big lightsource. The lights from the windows and the lights from the fountain. This time I use most of the dodge tool. Copy an extra layer of the background color just in case if something mess up so u have a backup. Now I dodged those places were the light should bounce on. The floor is made of stone so it should reflect more light than the other materials. I dodged the front floor almost white. And I put a little bit more shadows on the small places. The roof top I wanted some glow stuff so it should not look too stiff. I painted some red and used dodge again. And here u go, I think I am satisfied with this work so leave it this way. I hope you enjoyed and sorry for my english it sux!:P

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Luca sa...

thanks for the tutorial brother! :)

vofff sa...

ur welcome:)